Via Oldelle, Pianezze 36060 Vicenza, Italy
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Address:Via Oldelle, Pianezze 36060 Vicenza, Italy

Tenute Basso was born from the love of a family for traditional and genuine products, combined with the excellence of the Italian territory.


Via Oldelle, Pianezze
36060 Vicenza, Italia
+39 346 183 6199

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The time has finally come to present you the fruit of our work, the origin of our pride.

We like to think of our oils the same way a parent thinks of their children. Each one of them is special, each one of them is one of a kind. So let yourself be guided by a brief description of our products, which can help you decide which Tenute Basso extra virgin olive oil best suits your needs.

Love for the land
Our products are the expression of a land rich in history and love.
Hand harvested

The quality of our CRU also derives from the method of harvesting, rigorously by hand.

Our experiences

#1Cru Sentiero delle Oldelle

A blend that brings together all the varieties present in the olive grove.

This extra virgin olive oil is produced with olives from over 50 years old olive trees, which located in the upper part of the olive grove. The olives are exclusively hand-picked and then ground within 8 hours of harvesting.

A cold pressing is performed, through continuous cycle mechanical processes and then it is stored in steel tanks in a controlled atmosphere until bottling.
Characterized by a high percentage of polyphenols, it is a fruity, bitter and spicy oil with herbaceous notes, notes of artichoke and almond. A fluid oil, green in color with hints of yellow and a strong taste.

  • Medium fruity
  • Bright green
  • Blend


An emerald green oil, produced only with a selection of green olives, harvested at the end of October.

This aromatic and decisive oil, characterized by a fragrant flavor of leaves and fresh fruit, is born from the right proportion of the Frantoio and Peranzana varieties. The oil is cold extracted with a continuous mechanical system.
Its grit goes best with red meat dishes or on bruschetta.

  • Strongly aromatic
  • Emerald green
  • 100% Green olives


An oil that comes from a selection of only black olives, harvested at the end of October.

This light fruity oil, characterized by sweet almond notes and a slight herbaceous sensation, is obtained from the right proportion of Leccino and Grignano, masterfully amalgamated. The oil is cold extracted with a continuous mechanical system. 
Its delicacy goes best with fish and white meat dishes.

  • Slightly fruity
  • Golden yellow
  • 100% Black olives

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