Via Oldelle, Pianezze 36060 Vicenza, Italy
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Address:Via Oldelle, Pianezze 36060 Vicenza, Italy

Tenute Basso was born from the love of a family for traditional and genuine products, combined with the excellence of the Italian territory.


Via Oldelle, Pianezze
36060 Vicenza, Italia
+39 346 183 6199

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About usOur love for excellence

From the passion for good things, which has always distinguished the Basso family, the idea of producing a very high quality oil was born in the hills of the city of Pianezze (Vicenza).

Here, in the Venetian hills, in the foothills of the Grappa which for more than 500 years has hosted olive trees of various cultivars, the olive grove of Tenute Basso develops. A pleasant place where the frenzy of life slows down and where you can savor the beauties of nature.
The olive grove is crowned by “masiere” – dry stone walls, which give it a solemn and timeless character. The aromatic herbs, which grow spontaneously here and which make our extra virgin olive oil so precious, envelop you from the very first steps among the olive trees.

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The landPassion and nature

This place, due to its morphological and climatic characteristics, allows you to be caressed by nature. The fact that from the olives produced here it is possible to create an oil of character, well balanced, capable of making internationally renowned chefs fall in love with it fills us with pride.

The estate, which houses some of the oldest and most precious cultivars in the area, is not the result of random plantings or improvisations, but since its origins, more than 80 years ago it was designed with the idea of ​​creating an excellent extra virgin olive oil. The percentage of the 7 cultivars present (Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Moraiolo, Grignano, Coratina, Peranzana), plants with different characteristics, is therefore balanced according to the final product, highlighting the best of each variety.
In addition to this careful selection of the raw material, there is also a focus on the processing procedures. The harvest is done by hand and the pressing is done within 8 hours of harvesting. All this, combined with the passion of the team that follows the project with dedication, makes our extra virgin olive oil a product of the highest quality.

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An olive oil that ties together the distant hearts

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